How to become Ucell subscriber?

Ucell is leading operator which provides cellular network services for more than 8,8 mln. subscribers in Uzbekistan. For the years of existing on mobile market Ucell has presented lots of tariffs, services and additional services by which it has opened new possibilities and conveniences for subscribers.

It’s very simple to become our subscriber! All you need is to choose one of the lots of tariff plans which is mostly meets your needs. Learn more about tariff plans here.

Choose the phone number you like with "Number reservation" service right now! Service is available here.

You can subscribe to Ucell in one of the front offices or dealer points of the Company. Find more information about the address and list of dealer points and front offices here.

To become a Ucell subscriber, you should come to any sales and subscriber servicing office or dealer point of the Company and give an operator the original copy of one of the valid identity documents mentioned below, with a stamp of permanent or temporary residence permit:
  • Citizen’s passport of the Republic of Uzbekistan with the relevant residence permit;
  • Рassport of a foreign citizen (with a permanent or temporary residence permit/visa);
  • Identity document of a military officer, military service record card + Form #33 (for the persons who do military service under the contract and military men);
  • * Accreditation card (for the employees of diplomatic missions and representations);
  • Permanent resident card for non-residents with the relevant residence permit;
  • Permanent resident card or travel document for the stateless persons with the relevant residence permit;
  • Identity document of a stateless person with the relevant residence permit;
  • a new sample of driver’s license for citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • ID - card of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
* Connection to accreditation card shall be performed only by Company’s personnel.

Connection registration via Mobile App:
  1. In order to optimize and automate the process of registering new subscribers at dealer points and sales and service offices of the Company, a specialized Mobile application is launched into commercial operation step by step.
  2. In the process of subscriber identification the documents with the NFC-chip with the necessary identity data for registration are processed:
    – Passport of a citizen of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
    – ID card of the citizen of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  3. To ensure the requirements of current legislation and successful registration of subscriber via Mobile application only original documents will be accepted that certify the identity of the subscriber. Fulfillment of this requirement will provide the functionality of reading the NFC chip. This chip is present only in the original document. The system will not let a copy or a photo of the document through.
  4. After the successful reading of the document, choosing the number and tariff plan via smartphone or tablet screen, the subscriber and the dealer sign. Then the subscriber receives an SMS with a link to the Company's web-portal to get the registration form.
  5. The subscriber follows the link, enters his/her number, then receives a one-time password for security and receives an electronic registration form identical to the registration form received after the standard registration through the computer. The subscriber number is activated and the subscriber's registration is complete. 
To conclude an Agreement for the provision of cellular radiotelephone communication services of the Prepaid system in the COSCOM LLC network (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) on behalf of the Trustee on the basis of a notarized power of attorney, the Attorney must provide the original of one of the above documents with a valid period, certifying the Identity of the Attorney, a copy of one of the of the above documents with a valid period, certifying the Identity of the Trustee, the original of the Power of Attorney with the obligatory reflection in it of the following information and actions:
  • surname, name and patronymic of the Trustee and the Attorney;
  • data of the identity documents of the Trustee and the Attorney (series and number, date of issue/by whom issued, validity period);
  • place of residence at the place of permanent or temporary registration (registration) of the Trustee and the Attorney;
  • the authority to conclude an Agreement with the Company on behalf of the Trustee;
  • signature of the Trustee.
Connection on the basis of a document not listed above is not made.
  • If you have any questions about prices and quality of service at the Company's dealer sales points, you can call 8118 "Hot line".

A mandatory subscription condition is minimum payment 10 000 soum amount to the subscriber balance and the amount of daily/monthly subscription fee under the terms of the selected tariff plan, if necessary.

When connecting in Company offices, dealer sales points, a single starter subscription package is available, which consists of:

  • SIM-card of the corresponding sample;
  • Subscriber's number (the cost of the paid category is not included in this amount);
  • The registration form to the Public Offer for the provision of cellular radiotelephone services of the Prepaid system in the network of Coscom LLC.

The minimum amount of the initial balance after activating the number is 10 000 UZS
(excluding the cost of the monthly subscription fee for the tariff plan and the cost of the paid number
10 000 UZS

Attention! The minimum amount for new connection in the first month of Start 10 and Ovoz 15 tariff plans is: for Start 10 - 19 000 UZS, for Ovoz 15 - 15 000 UZS.

The company reserves the right to develop special tariff plans/services aimed at specific target groups/regions. You can familiarize with the terms and conditions of special tariff plans/services directly at the points of sale.

Cost of paid numbers categories is a one-time additional fee to the cost of connection and it has to be paid according to the chosen category when you connect to Ucell network. If one signs the Contract for toll numbers and does not commit all of the relevant payments in full amount within 36 (thirty six)
hours, the number is terminated and the Contract is terminated unilaterally. 
In case of subscriber’s number termination and cancellation of the Contract on rendering of LLC "COSCOM" (Ucell TM) radiotelephone network services for any reason, the price paid for the number will not be refunded.
If within 36 hours after connecting the number of free category, the subscriber does not replenish the personal account for the amount of the cost of the subscription fee of the tariff plan and other additional services and packages in full, according to the terms of connection, the Company reserves the right to terminate the subscriber number and terminate the Agreement unilaterally after two days after the conclusion of the Agreement.
We remind you that any subscriber’s number is a property of the Company and it is provided to a subscriber only during the period while the Contract on rendering of LLC "COSCOM" (Ucell TM) cellular radiotelephone network services is valid.

The rates for numbers are pointed in the national currency of the Republic of Uzbekistan (UZS). Prices include VAT.

The prices are valid in Sales and Service Centers of the Company.

Please be informed that the SMS-notifications about the state of balance (balance of phone number) are sent automatically by the system in fact of reducing the amount of money on the balance of up to 4210 sum and 631,5 sum for the use by subscriber paid services and packages of the Company, as well as write-off subscription fee, is not depending on the time of day. To avoid disturbance from incoming messages at night, recommend you to set the phone to silent or moderate level signal.