You’ve got a call

You’ve got a call

Always aware of missed calls!

Now, with one USSD request to *977#call you can activate "You’ve got a call" and "Notify about me!" services.

Daily fee for the service - 240 sum/day

You’ve got a call service for 30 days

You can use the convenient and very profitable option of You’ve got a call service. Pay once and use 30 days.
The price is 3990 soums for 30 days. Activation: *321#.

The 30-day option for You’ve got a call service is mutually exclusive with Voice mail, Dynamic voice mail, Voicemail for Everyone services and with daily option of You’ve got a call service. Thus, in order to activate the option for 30 days of You’ve got a call service, you first need to disable the above services.

The 30-day option of You’ve got a call service does not have the function of automatic assignment, therefore, at the end of the usage period the service will be disabled.

Please noted, that it possible to receive SMS notification about missed calls in the blocked status.

Prices include VAT.

You’ve got a call
With "You’ve got a call" service you will always know those who called you while you at underground or your phone was switched off.

For subscribers of tariff plans of “Sof” line, the “You've got a call” service is provided free of charge during the period 28.07.2022 - 31.12.2022.
The 30-day option of the “You've got a call” service is not available on the tariff plans of “Sof” line.

If you switched off your phone or was out of coverage area, after founding a network you will be informed by SMS-noticing containing following information:
  • general amount of missed calls;
  • amount missed calss by each number;
  • date and time of last calls for each caller.
Sample of incoming SMS message:

You called (x) times:
You have missed call. Subscriber +998YYxxxxxxx called you "x" time (s), last call at "lastcalltime".
(where: х – general amount of missed calls, lastcalltime - time of last call).
Notify about me!
Service "Notify about me!" allows subscriber, who did not reach you, when you were out of net zone or your phone was turned off, to get approprate SMS, as soon as you would be available, and he can recall you then.

Subscriber should activate "You’ve got a call" service to use "Notify about me!"
SMS messages within this service are sent to Ucell subscribers only.

The service is free of charge.
Controlling of services
To control the service you have to make USSD request to *977#. After the request you will be forwarded to service menu where you can activate/deactivate the services and to request the statuses of each service.

Important: Attention! The service will not work if you have call diverting option activated on “Unreachable”. 

Within “We appreciate you!” loyalty program “You’ve got a call” service is available to all subscribers with “Honorable” status with a 20% discount on the price of this service. You can take advantage of the service via special USSD request *136#. Detailed info
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