Mobile transfer

Mobile transfer

Friend won't leave in trouble!

If your friend’s deposit has been finished then you can support him and transfer appropriate sum from your deposit to his deposit. And also if you don’t deposit to pay services, you can ask your friend to support you.

Short number *650#

The service is available without activation.

168.4 sum for one successful transfer (cost is charged from the balance of subscriber-sender).


Service terms

Dial *650# short number and select desired option in USSD-menu:
1. Request for refilling your account
2. Refill account of your friend
3. Information about the service

Then follow the prompts in the USSD-menu.

On use direct dialing:

To ask your friend to refill your account:

  1. send USSD-request with text 9989Y(subscriber’s number)sum of transfer in UZS (Request cost=0 sum); for example, to ask 4210 sum send *123*9989YXXXXXXX*4210#;
  2. for confirming transfer, the subscriber  which transfers money must reply "1" to received SMS-information from 3333 number about transfer request. Reply "0" or do not answer for cancel.

To refill account of your friend:

  1. send USSD-request with text 9989Y(subscriber’s number) sum of transfer in UZS (cost of one successful transfer=168.4 sum; sum is counted from the deposit of subscriber-sender); for example, to transfer 4210 sum send *122*9989YXXXXXXX*4210# . When you send request to transfer money, the following message will appear on your phone display:
    Do you really want to transfer {amount of transfer} UZS to {MSISDN of subscriber B}?
    1. Yes
    2. No

    You should only confirm your intention to transfer money to your friend, after that your request will be processed.
  2. for confirmation of receiving money the subscriber which gets money must reply to received SMS-information from 4444 number about transfer. "1" for confirmation of receipt, "0" or do not answer for cancel.

Cost of outgoing SMS to 3333 number (confirmation of money transfer) and 4444 (confirmation of money reception): 0 sum

! You can make a mobile transfer only in active status.
! You will receive a mobile transfer both in active and in a blocked status.
Additional Information

Restriction for those who transfer and⁄or receive money:

  • minimum sum of onetime transfer: 421 sum;
  • maximum sum of onetime transfer: 21050 sum;
  • minimum amount at the deposit of subscriber-sender after transfer: 421 sum;
  • maximum amount of transferred money for receiver per day - 100 000 sum;
  • maximum sum of all transfers in a day: 126300 sum;
  • maximum amount of transfers in a day: 10;
  • waiting time of answer from subscriber: 30 minutes.
Additional commands:
  • In order to check the amount of sent/received money during a month, send USSD-request to number *122*1#;
  • Service deactivation – *122*2#
  • Service activation - *122*3#
The service is available only for Prepaid service subscribers of Ucell.
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