"SMS-Details" service

"SMS-Details" service

Now you can receive more detailed information on charges for voice calls, SMS, Internet and the payment amount since the beginning of the month.

Get information - *400#call

Number of successful USSD-requests – 2 attemps per day..

The service is free.

Detail information

By sending USSD request *400#, you will receive information about your expenses from the beginning of month via SMS message in the following format:

  • Tariff subscription fee: expenses related the payment of tariff fees;
  • Calls: expenses related to outgoing calls within Uzbekistan;
  • SMS: expenses related to outgoing SMS within Uzbekistan;
  • Internet: expenses related to billed internet-traffic;
  • Content-services: infotainment services: (DJ service, outgoing IVR calls,  outgoing and incoming SMS); expenses related to SMS-info services (incoming SMS from the short number 39391) and other SMS, sent by electronic payment systems in case of successful transactions (payment/transfer/transfer of funds/balance request);
  • Roaming services: expenses related to roaming services: incoming/outgoing calls, SMS, internet;
  • Int. calls: expenses related to international outgoing calls (including alternative dialing);
  • Int. SMS: expenses related to international outgoing SMS;
  • Balance refills: including payments via electronic payment systems, Company’s offices and express payment cards;
  • Other charges: all other expenses*.
*Other expenses include:
  • Subscription fees for services ("You’ve got a call", "Voice Mail Service", "Caller Identity Restriction (CLIR)", "The Whole World", "SMS Blacklist", daily SMS packages);
  • Expenses related to all internet services and internet packages, “SMS packages for 30 days”, “International SMS packages”, "Convenient within the network", "Convenient within Uzbekistan", “Convenient minutes”, “Mobile transfer”, "Who am I?", "My services", "My expenses", "Without queue",   "Secret call", "Number freeze", "Replacement of SIM-cards", “Reserved SIM-card”, “Detailed report of calls”, “Online ITV services”
  • Service fees for and "Mobile advance" services, which are charged with the amount of automatic advance with the first balance replenishment; payments for "Call Me" service, starting from the third request; payments for SMS messages, that come from phone numbers that are on the "white list" within the "SMS for me" service; payments for SMS messages, sent within the "SMS-Autoreply" service;
  • Expenses for all types of incoming calls, including incoming IVR calls related to content-services.
Additional information

The amount of charges is formed for the period starting from the beginning of the month to the day when the request is sent.

Number of successful USSD-requests – 2 attempts per day.

Service is available only for Prepaid system subscribers of the Company.


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