"Secret Call" service

"Secret Call" service

Ucell offers its subscribers a new “Secret Call” service. Using this service, a subscriber will be able to make calls, concealing his number, and without activating Caller Identity Restriction service.

Cost - 252.6 sum/min

Service terms

To use the service, it is necessary to make a call by adding a number “9*” (character 9 and a symbol “*”) before the number when dialing: 9*998YYxxxxxxx. The receiving subscriber will receive your call from concealed number.

Price of one minute of outgoing call using “Secret Call” service - 252.6 sum (VAT inclusive).

Additional Information
  • In case of successful connection, per minute charging is applied from the first second of subscriber call, with rounding up to whole minute.
  • In case a subscriber using the service has a limited amount of bonus minutes, while using the service these bonus minutes will not be used for outgoing calls. Charging will be made from the core balance of the subscriber.
  • Calls can be made to all mobile and landline numbers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


For regular calls fromthe hidden numbrer, use the service "Caller Identity Restriction service".
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