«My tariff»

«My tariff» service

Now you can find out the next date of your tariff payment, as well as get other useful information by sending USSD request to the number *200#.

The service is free.

The number of successful requests is 20 attempts per day


"My tariff" service allows You to find out the next date of charging the subscription fee for your tariff plan, as well as receive information about conditions of your tariff plan and remaining allowances (minutes, SMS, MB), included in tariff plan and all activated services on your number.

The service provides information on the number from which the request was sent.

When sending a request *200#:

• The next charge date of tariff payment is displayed only if the payment has been successfully deducted for the current period.
• Limits within the framework of services where Internet traffic is provided on an unlimited basis with a speed limit upon reaching a certain limit, as well as limits within the framework of services/temporary campaigns intended only for target groups of subscribers (only subscribers of certain tariffs, regions, etc.) are not displayed.
• The service is available for all Prepaid subscribers in both active and blocked status.
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