Disabling services

Disabling services

Disabling services is a tool for users who want to disable all previously connected services immediately, without entering a large number of special USSD-commands to disable each service individually.

The service is controlled by *350#call

The service is free.

Service management

The service is managed through USSD-request *350#.
1. Deactivate Ucell services 1. Deactivate Ucell services with a subscription fee*
2. Deactivate additional Ucell services**
3. Deactivate all Ucell services***
4. Deactivate Ucell services separately
2. Deactivate infotainment services Deactivate all infotainment services.
3. Deactivate all services Deactivate all Ucell services and infotainment services.
4. Information about the service Brief information about the service.

* Ucell services with a subscription fee include all paid periodic services with limits.

** Additional Ucell services include paid periodic services without limits, including: "You’ve got a call", "Caller Identity Restriction", "SMS Blacklist", "Voice Mail Service", "SMS-Autoreply", "SMS-Forward", "SMS for me", “Maximum Access” and “Internet Mega Boom”.

*** All Ucell services include: all paid periodic services with limits; paid periodic services without limits, paid services with unlimited Internet data, including all options of “Traffic+”, “Night Internet” services, “Night internet packages”, “Unlimited Internet-packages”, “Unlimited Ucell packages in underground”, “Hourly Internet”, “Monthly 4G Internet-packages”, “Try 4G at night”, “TAS-IX Internet-packages”.

Unspent and accumulated limits will be preserved or set to zero, depending on the conditions of the deactivated service.
Exceptions and specialties in the services

Exceptions and specific features of the service:

Service does not deactivate SMS-info services: UzCard, Click, Humo.

Service does not deactivate one-time fee infotainment services without function of auto prolongation, including online TV services of Mediabay and iTV.

Deactivation of information and entertainment services like Al Chiroq and Zvuk shall be done through the related apps.

To turn off SMS-notification of news and updates on social networks, you need to untie your mobile number from the account in social networks.

When disabling all services:

The following limits are set to zero:
  • All accumulated internet data within the services of daily Internet-packages and weekly Internet-packages;
  • All accumulated SMS within the service of daily SMS-packages;
  • All limits within the services of “Traffic+” and “Night Internet” services, “Night internet-packages”, “Unlimited Internet-packages”, “Unlimited Internet-packages in underground”, “Hourly Internet”, “Monthly 4G Internet-packages”, “Try 4G at night”, “TAS-IX Internet-packages”;
Auto-prolongation function will be disabled for “Monthly internet-packages”, “Weekly internet-packages”, “Daily Internet-packages”, Special Internet-packages for tariffs”, “Monthly 4G Internet-packages”, “Unlimited Internet-packages”, Monthly internet-packages for Sof”, “Daily SMS packages”.

Restrictions on certain types of calls within the service "Call Barring" will not be removed.
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