Maximum Access

Maximum Access

New service for Internet users!

1 MB price: day - 84,2 sum, night - 4,21 sum!

Activation fee: 631,5 sum

Subscription fee: 631,5 sum per day.

Activation: *808#call

Deactivation: *808*2#call

Buy Online: 

  • 1 MB cost from 09:00 to 01:00 - 84,2 sum;
  • 1 MB cost from 01:00 to 09:00 - 4,21 sum;
  • Service is available for Prepaid subscribers only;
  • Service cannot be activated if one of these services are active, and vice-versa: "Sprint”;
  • Service isn’t available on tariff "FRESH" and vice-versa
  • In the case when the subscription fee was not charged due to lack of funds in the account, for the correct operation of the service on the next day in the period from 01:00 - 09:00 am, you must disconnect and reconnect the service;
  • Discount within the service does not apply to the site on temporary basis.
  • For the correct operation of the service, if at the time of activation of the service session is active, it is necessary to end the session and try to activate it afterwards.
  • If there is no subscription to Ucell Kino, Ucell Amediateka and Zvuk services while Maximum Access service is activated, then when using above mention services traffic will be charged according to the price of Ucell-Internet on a tariff plan or purchased internet package.
First daily fee will be deducted from the subscriber balance after 00:01 the following day after service activation. If the subscriber has less than 631,5 sum on their balance at the time of daily fee charging, "Maximum access" service does not work. The service starts to work after charging the activation and the subscription fees. Service starts working after 00:01 the following day after the daily fee charging.

 Attention: if subscriber has free traffic in internet balance, first of all internet balance free megabytes will be charged.