Ucell Internet

Ucell Internet

"Ucell Internet" – it is opportunity to use Internet resources at anytime and anywhere!

"Ucell Internet" service gives following opportunities:

  • to surf the Internet;
  • review web-sites;
  • sending and receiving e-mail;
  • downloading of pictures, music and other files;
  • using cell phone as modem.
The rest of the internet traffic displayed in USSD requests is relevant at the moment of closing all Internet sessions.


To start using "Ucell Internet" service is very simple – it is necessary to require automatic settings for connection of all services for your model of telephone, sending SMS-message with 2 in text to 5555 number.After receiving and installing automatic settings restart your telephone and can start using service. Price of sending SMS to 5555 number = 0 sum.

if settings for your telephone model somehow were not received, you can connect independently using the following settings.

Settings of "Ucell Internet"

Name of settings: Ucell Internet
Access Point Name: internet
Login: (blank)
Password: (blank)
Home page:

Price of service connection – 0 sum.

User charge – 0 sum.

Price of 1 MB sent and received information – in accordance with subscriber's tariff plan.

Until 20.10.2020, the first quota of tariffed information Internet service is 128 KB. Further quota size is 64 KB.
From 20.10.2020 the quota of tariffed information– 16 KB.


Additional information

We inform you that currently, while Internet services charging, the Company system assumes funds reserving. It means that, when opening an Internet session the rest of funds on subscriber’s Core balance may become unavailable for using the other services of the Company, and when checking the balance status the system will answer that it’s necessary to recharge.

If subscriber has Promo Balance which is used for charging Internet traffic, it will also be reserved and charging will be performed from Core Balance (if core balance has enough resources).

The amount of reserved funds depends on used Internet traffic. As soon as Internet session finishes, rest of funds on subscriber’s balance become available for using.

You can use the traffic included in the internet package only in active status. If you move from active status to blocked during an active internet session, then you can continue to use internet before the end of the session or the end of internet traffic within the internet package.