4G from Ucell

4G from Ucell

Now everything is easier, faster, cheaper! With 4G from Ucell!

Ucell is a new technology fourth generation mobile communication!

4G internet is now available from Ucell for each subscriber!

4G - is:

 High-speed mobile Internet - up to 150 MB / sec;

 Convenient use of media services, mobile TV, the various online applications;

 Comfortable and clear conditions for the use of mobile access to the Internet for business, entertainment, communication, training and other purposes.

 Profitable and affordable rates to everyone.

How to connect 4G?
  • Make sure that the specified address has 4G coverage from Ucell;
  • Check whether your device technology 4G Band 7 (2600 MHz);
  • Choose the best option of the mobile device (modem or router) with the function of 4G presented at the office for purchase;
  • Connect the free service on the existing number (if using USIM-card with support for 4G) with preservation of numbers and the current tariff;
  • Or replace the SIM-card on the same supporting 4G (if the SIM-card old model);
  • Install network mode "Auto" automatic search for and identify the network (4G / 3G / 2G) depending on coverage. Priority network selection - from 4G to 2G. Devices with 4G in networks of previous generations - 3G and 2G;
  • Voice service and USSD-requests in the 4G network is unavailable.
Сoverage area

4G internet is available for residents of Tashkent, Bukhara, Navoi, Zarafshan, Termez, Jizzakh, Andijan and Samarkand. Ucell explores new territory and very soon the technology will be available in other cities of Uzbekistan.

More information about the 4G coverage area you can get here.

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