Launch of “Omadli raqam” campaign within “Zo‘r portal” service

We announce the launch of “Omadli raqam” campaign within “Zo‘r portal” service!

“Zo‘r portal” service allows you to call service number 555 and get to the “dating city”, use SMS services: weekly horoscope based on the birth date, love poems and jokes from “Design” collective.

As part of the service, “Omadli raqam” campaign is held, which will last 1 month from August 1 until August 31, 2020, and during campaign, “Zo‘r portal” service will be provided free of charge.

The campaign will be held three times a week: on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Samsung A10c smartphones will be drawn.

Within each smartphone draw, only one participant of the campaign will be determined (among all subscribers of mobile operators). Winners will be determined randomly using the program (the program works on the principle of the randomizer program) developed by “Lux Content” PE.

Public offer will be published on