Unblocking SIM-card

"Unblocking SIM-card"

If your SIM-card somehow has been blocked, agents of Ucell will help you in unblocking.

We remind that SIM-card has been protected by PIN and PUK codes. These codes are for limitation of illegal access for usage of your mobile telephone.

If you 10 times repeatedly have entered incorrect PUK code, then SIM-card will be totally blocked and cannot be used anymore. This kind of SIM-card must be changed.

Service fee for Postpaid subscribers - 2 105 sum (with VAT).

If you 3 times repeatedly have entered incorrect PIN code, then SIM-card is blocked. However this blocking can be removed if PUK code is entered. PUK code of Ucell’s GSM-telephone can be read at the envelope received by you at connection. If the envelope is not saved, then you should apply to nearest Ucell Office for unblocking SIM-card. (You should have your identity card).

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