International calls

Tariffs per  1 minute   
Central Asia
(Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan)
2500 sum
Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova
3500 sum
(Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan)
3500 sum
Europe and Baltic states
(Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia)
7500 sum
Asia 1
(Bahrain, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Turkey)
7500 sum
Asia 2
(Other Asia countries)
7500 sum
(North and South America)
7500 sum
Australia 7500 sum

International calls are made through a standard set of + < country code> < city/operator code> < phone number> or 00 < country code> < city/operator code> < phone number>.

International call cost sum up from the total sum of outgoing city call airtime and corresponding international tariff.

All prices are shown with a record of VAT.

Dear subscribers, you can also activate "The Whole world" service for international calls with low prices.  service.

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