For visitors

Information for guests visiting Uzbekistan

First of all, you need to check if your phone was properly configured to the "COSCOM" LLC network. In this case, the display of your phone should eliminate either Ucell or 434-05.

If this did not happen, than this means that your phone was not automatically configured to the "COSCOM" LLC network and you will have to configure it manually. How to do this is described in the user’s manual to your phone, or in the menu of you phone.

If you are still unable to configure it yourself to our network, please contact Service-Center of Ucell by phone: (+998 93) 180-00-00, 181-00-00.

Rates and terms for alternative dialing of an international and long-distance numbers should be found out from your own operator.

Numbers for emergency calls and services:

101 Fire Services
102 Police
103 Acute care
104 Gas Services
1050 Emergency Services

Calls to emergency numbers are free of charge!