Twitter Zero

Twitter Zero

"Twitter Zero" service allows you to send and read Tweets from your mobile phone with no data charges, bringing you closer to the things you care about.

The service does not require activation – just open from your phone, and you’ll be taken to the mobile version of the site.

Zero version

Using mobile version of the site you can:

  • Send or read Tweets
  • Follow other people and see your followers
  • Send and reply private messages, and etc.

The mobile version of the site is only text-based. When browsing multimedia files or external links, you leave the scopes of "Twitter Zero" service, and will be notified about further data charges that may occur.

Terms of service
  • The service works with mobile phone’s native browser only. Note! When using 3rd party apps for browsing (like Opera Mini), or accessing Twitter via special apps, or when accessing from your PC, Ucell does not guarantee the free traffic;
  • Service is available for Prepaid subscribers only;
  • The service is not available in international roaming.

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