Price of outgoing call in "Video-call" service equals to cost of one outgoing voice call at your tariff rate. Incoming calls in "Video-call" service – free.

In order to simultaneously talk and see each other at the display of cell phone, it is required to choose "Video-call" as a type of outgoing call in menu of telephone and switch telephone to loud mode or connect headset. Video camera of telephone must be turned to you during video-call.

Image transfer can be canceled and resumed at anytime. At video-call "Waiting call" service is supported, thereby, you can whether answer to second call (and video-call will be stopped at that) or cancel it.

"Video-call" service is available in coverage area of 3G networks at presence of cell phone with UMTS standard support at you and your called subscriber.

At making video-call to number of subscriber, cell phone of which doesn’t support 3G network, connection will not be installed.

Features of work with "Video-call" function can be specified in instructions to your telephone.

You can perform "Video calls" to UMS subscribers and Beeline, as well as receive incoming video calls from these subscribers.