3G Internet

3G Internet

Today Ucell opens new network opportunities of UMTS standard for its subscribers. Moreover, because of using HSDPA technology in network of UMTS standard Ucell provides to subscribers 3,5G services – following after the third generation of evolutional level of mobile connection network development.

HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) – it is powerful technology, which is natural extension of UMTS standard. By using HSDPA technology in UMTS network speed of data transfer is significantly increased.

How to setup

For using "3G Internet" service at the basis of 3G network the same settings are used as for "Ucell Internet" service. For request of settings send SMS with numeral "2" to number 5555 and save received settings in telephone.

Price of 1 MB sent and received information – in accordance with subscriber’s tariff plan.

The first quota of tariffed information for Prepaid subsribers – 128KB. The following quota size – 64 KB.

The quota of tariffed information for Prepaid subscribers with the availability of megabytes on internet balance is 1 KB.

Additional information

We inform you that currently, while Internet services charging, the Company system assumes funds reserving. It means that, when opening an Internet session the rest of funds on subscriber’s Core balance may become unavailable for using the other services of the Company, and when checking the balance status the system will answer that it’s necessary to recharge.

If subscriber has Promo Balance which is used for charging Internet traffic, it will also be reserved and charging will be performed from Croe Balance (if core balance has enough resources).

The amount of reserved funds depends on used Internet traffic. As soon as Internet session finishes, rest of funds on subscriber’s balance become available for using.