Tickets draw for the anniversary concert of "Bolalar" band

Takhir Sadykov and content partner Maestro LLC are drawing tickets for the anniversary concert of Bolalar band. To participate in the campaign, simply activate “Kel yashaylik” melody instead of the beep for 7 days.

Send SMS with the song code in the following format to the number 8080: 1 (space) 400337.

The subscription fee for connecting the melody is 1263 soums for 7 days (it is charged once at the time of connecting the melody).

The draw will be held by the content partner Maestro LLC using a random generator on September 18, 2019. All winners will be informed about the time and place of prize giving by the content partner Maestro LLC.

The promotion starts on September 12, 2019 and will continue till September 16, inclusive!

To unsubscribe from the service send 7 to the number 8080.

Campaign conditions:
  1. The organizer of the campaign is Maestro LLC (Toshkent shahri, Chilonzor tumani, OLMAZOR KO`CHASI, 8/1-UY).
  2. The subscription of the service by the subscriber constitutes acceptance of the terms of this campaign.
  3. The subscriber agrees that his personal data (phone number) can be published on the official website of COSCOM LLC and pages on social networks, as well as transferred to Maestro LLC for drawing within the campaign.
  4. Employees of the Company COSCOM LLC, Maestro LLC and close relatives of employees may not take part in the campagin.
  5. The place and date of handing the prizes to the winners will be announced additionally by the staff of the content partner Maestro LLC within 5 working days from the end of the campaign.
  6. Dates of the campaign, from September 12 to September 16, 2019 inclusive. All service activations that will be made after September 16, 2019 (23:59) do not participate in the campaign and claims are not accepted.
  7. Subscribers who activate the service in the above period are assigned a serial number.
  8. The winners of the campaign are selected using a random number generator:
  9. All claims are accepted within a month from the end of the campaign by mail:
Prices include VAT.