Internet under control in roaming!

Internet under control in roaming!

With this service, you will manage your expenses in roaming!

In order to use the service "Internet under control in roaming", You need to send a free USSD-request to number *165# and select the threshold to use the Internet - traffic after which you will receive SMS notification.

Threshold select by USSD – *165#


Thresholds of Internet - traffic to connect SMS-informing:

  • More than 5 MB
  • More than 10 MB
  • More than 50 MB
  • More than 100 MB

The service is available in all countries and networks of Ucell roaming partners. The service is available for all subscribers of postpaid service (Postpaid), using International Automatic Roaming (IAR)

Important: Charging step of service is 1 KB.

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