SMS bundles

Best prices on SMS within Uzbekistan as never before!

SMS bundles – it is the possibility of buying SMS-messages at competitive prices.

Checking the limits by USSD – *147*3#


SMS bundles
SMS-Package title
SMS Amount
Package Price
Direct dialing*
150 SMS
3789.00 sum
300 SMS
6315.00 sum
500 SMS
8420.00 sum
1000 SMS
12631.00 sum
2000 SMS
16840.00 sum

*Direct dialing is available only for Individuals of Postpaid system


Within "SMS-packages" service promotional balance will be limited by maximum of 6000 free SMS. If at the moment of purchase of additional packages on your promo-balance there is more than 6000 free SMS-messages, a connection of any packages, within the limits of service "SMS-packages", will become unavailable. At the same time, writing off bonus SMS-messages and their validity does not change.

Purchase of following SMS-packages will be unavailable if:

  • 150 SMS - if your promo-balance contains more than 5850 SMS-messages;
  • 300 SMS - if your promo-balance contains more than 5700 SMS-messages;
  • 500 SMS – if your promo balance contains more than 5500 SMS-messages;
  • 1000 SMS - if your promo balance contains more than 5000 SMS-messages;
  • 2000 SMS - if your promo balance contains more than 4000 SMS-messages.

  • Scalability of SMS package by which the amount of SMS-messages and debit funds are automatically calculated in proportion to the days before the end of the month;
  • Automatic assignment of SMS-package 1st on every calendar month provided that there are enough funds on subscriber balance;
  • Activation of SMS-package in case of insufficient funds on subscriber balance;
  • Deactivation of automatic assignment of SMS-package by *147*2# short number;
  • Not more than two activations of SMS-packages during a day;
  • In this case SMS-messages within two packages are summarized;
  • SMS-notification after successful purchase of SMS-package.
To activate and deactivate any additional offer you need to fill application form and visit Service Department of Corporate clients.

If you have any questions, call us at phone numbers: 8111 (only for Ucell subscribers), (+998 93) 382-09-09, 184-09-00 or write to the e-mail address Our fax number: (+998 71) 252-10-00.

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