“Two phones at the price of one!” campaign

“Two phones at the price of one!” campaign

Hurry up! A unique campaign – “Two phones at the price of one!”.
Now one means two!

Only until January 31, 2019, when buying a modern “Artel Z5” smartphone, you get an “Artel M5” phone as a gift!
Modern, affordable and stylish smartphone “Artel Z5” is the best solution for your business! And “Artel M5” is your indispensable assistant!

Only for 880 000 soums you will get:

  • “Artel Z5” smartphone;
  • “Artel M5” phone;
  • One-time bonus – 1000 MB of internet traffic;
  • Warranty service of mobile devices – 12 months.

Conditions of the campaign
When buying a smartphone “Artel Z5” corporate clients have the opportunity to connect the package of services “Artel M5” as a gift.
The “Artel M5” service package consists of:
  • Artel M5;
  • SIM card;
  • One of the “Gigaman” corporate line tariffs with the full subs fee according to the table:
  3 Gigs 5 Gigs 10 Gigs 15 Gigs 20 Gigs 30 Gigs
Subscription fee (soum) 36 000 48 000 69 000 99 000 120 000 180 000

All subscribers who have acquired the package of services in accordance with the campaign “Two phones at the price of one” should be active subscribers of “Gigaman” corporate tariff line for 6 calendar months.

In case of non-compliance with the conditions of the campaign, the subscriber must pay the full cost of the package “Artel M5” (180,000 soums).

The campaign participants are not able to change the tariff plan to other tariffs during 180 days from the date of connection, exception to the tariffs of “Gigaman” tariff line.

The campaign is valid till June 31, 2019.
Device features
Smartphone Artel Z5 is equipped with:
  • the main 8-megapixel camera for high-quality photo and video;
  • front camera with a resolution of 5 megapixels to communicate with friends in video chat;
  • 5 inch HD display for easy viewing of video content;
  • 4-core processor for multitasking;
  • 16 GB of internal memory for installing applications, storing personal files, photos and videos;
  • slot for micro SD with the ability to expand the phone's memory up to 64 GB.
Hurry up, the quantity of phones is limited!
Purchasing terms
Conditions for purchasing a package within “Two phones at the price of one!” campaign:
  • The package is available for connection in the corporate customer service offices of the Company;
  • To connect a package with devices within the frame of “Two phones at the price of one!” campaign, corporate clients must provide a written request to the Company;
  • The campaign “Two phones at the price of one” is available only for new connections;
  • Bonus expiration date of the one-time bonus is 30 days;
  • The price is indicated including VAT.